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We believe in customized solutions

Vasyl Ryabchenko & Partners provides tailor-made legal solutions oriented to your legal needs.

The safety of the people shall be
the highest law.

Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Potential

    Our potential is to offer high quality expertise of our attorneys’ exceptional experience and comprehensive understanding of the personal business needs of our clients.

  • Confidence

    We are confident that we are the best partner for our clients who value a personal service provider above other law firms.

  • Innovation

    We constantly innovate to identify any legal trends in their early stages and implement them into our law practice in order to further effectively protect a business and personal needs of our clients.

M ission

Each partner keeps a personal contact with our clients for further personal service including partnerships with lawyers of different law fields, if need be.

This approach guarantees excellent legal advice and economic efficiency. 

Philosophy P

Our team has the professional capabilities to provide high quality legal service personalized to meet your needs. We combine the legal expertise and experience of the entire VRP team to offer the best service and proficient approach to solve a wide range of legal matters customized to your needs.


  1. 01. Agribusiness

    We are able to accommodate sufficient attention, legal advising, and support to companies related to the agriculture industry.

  2. 02. Chemical Industry

    We provide legal support and advise companies related to the chemical industry, importers, and distributors as well as full range of service in the advising of commercial and regulator issues.

  3. 03. Trademarks & Information Technology (IT)

    We assist in legal support and advise companies related to the telecommunication, media, and information technology fields. As well as high attention to informational security and protection of personal data. 

  4. 04. Intellectual property

    1. Registration of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, etc).
    2. Legal maintenance of disposal of intellectual property rights (license agreement, assignment agreement to transfer intellectual property rights, ect).
    3. Legal support of intellectual property rights (trademark registrability search, continue trademark application, responding to objections to your trademark, etc).
    4. IP DUE DILIGENCE, IP licensing, royalty. Legal support the all range of procedures.
  5. 05. Business protect

    1. «Anti-raider Law»
    2. Internal Investigation
    3. White-collar crime
    4. Compliance and Anticorruption 
  6. 06. Private Clients

    We incorporate private clients and provide legal advice to family owned and small businesses.

  7. 07. Relationships with Authorities

    Representation of clients’ interests in business associations, public unions, interaction, and cooperation with state authorities.

  8. 08. Litigation. Solution of individual tasks in such law fields

    • Corporate and M&A
    • Criminal Law
    • Tax Law
    • Civil Law
    • Commercial Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Land Law
    • Family Law
  9. 09. Legal support operations of residential, commercial, and industrial property real estates.

    High attention to acquisition, sale, investment, financing, operation, rental and management of real estate.

  10. 10. Legal support operations of international trade operation

    Legal support operations of international trade operation, assist in legal filings/completion of paperwork and consulting about foreign jurisdiction.

  11. 11. Alternative Dispute Resolution

    1. Mediation
    2. Representation of our client’s interests in the court
      • Commercial Disputes
      • Administrative Disputes
      • Civil Disputes
    3. The execution of decisions


  • Partner name

    Vasyl Ryabchenko

    head partner, attorney-at law

    Business protect, corporate and criminal law, intellectual property.

    Has enormous experience on leadership positions in corporate companies on a national scale. Legal crime expertise on protection of violated rights in commercial and service action fields.

  • Partner name

    Oleksiy Kozlenko

    senior partner

    Criminal law, tax disputes, settlement of disputes, execution of decisions.

    25 years of law practice. Protection in criminal proceedings and representation of victims' interests. Representation of client’s interests in administrative, civil and commercial law.

  • Partner name

    Edvin Odintsov


    Criminal law, civil law and process, tax disputes, dispute resolution, enforcement of decisions.

    He has extensive work experience as a judge's assistant. The experienced lawyer in the field of protection and restoration of violated rights. Defense in criminal proceedings, representation of victims' interests. Representation of clients' interests in administrative, civil, economic matters.

  • Partner name

    Vitaliy Syniatchenko


    land law, customs law

    Experienced advocate for administrative, civil and commercial cases. High level representative in crime proceedings. Close cooperation with private clients. Has considerable experience in a work with state authorities. Pre-trial settlement of disputes and mediation.

  • Partner name

    Oksana Snisarenko

    Financial audit

    Exceptional with financial audit, internal investigations, and due diligence.

    An extensive experienced in public authorities, tax service, financial inspection

  • Partner name

    Dmitry Romanchenko


    Development and implementation of information systems for business process automation. Consultancy. Audit.

    He has extensive experience in management positions in national and international companies.

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